Soul Mister

Soul Mister

The perfect gift for the special guy in your life.  Full of gourmet goodness from local women makers including:

-Gina's Spicy Sauce by Gina's Goods-Orginally from Mexico Gina moved to Strathmore Alberta with her family. Taste the authentic flavors.

-The Dark Desire Bark by Cookie O-Callebaut Dark Chocolate base, The Gut LabTM Lust potion, Pistachios, and Cranberries, Sprinkled with Cayenne 

-Bay Rum Soap by Bear ridge Soaps-Smells as good as the beautiful bar soap looks

-Soul Sister Sweets by Rococo&co-Mixed candies for your sweetheart

-Soul Sister Spice Trio-Some salty mixes to season your fav dishes-Cheeky Chicken, Sizzling Steak, and Master Mex

-Aphrodisia Beard Oil by Washboard Soapery-This scent is Magic, inhale and see.  Your guy doesn't have a beard? Try a drop through your hair anywhere.

-Explosive Energy Mix by Rococo&co-Seasoned assorted nuts to keep your stamina up.

-Passion Potion by Hayloft Naturals - Scented with Aphrodisia oil by Washboard Soapery. Perfect for deep relaxing and release.



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